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Ready to grow your business in 2023? The best place to start is online. Maintaining an active social media presence can help establish brand awareness among customers, define a brand’s values and identity, and give a company an easy way to connect with customers while driving traffic to the company’s website and gaining new customers (and followers)! Keep reading to learn the top six reasons your business needs to have an active social media profile and learn how utilizing online marketing can grow your business this year.

The Top Six Ways Maintaining Your Company’s Social Media Can Grow Your Business

You may have social media accounts set up for your business, but how often are you accessing them? If not regularly, you’re missing out on opportunities to reach more customers. Learn why consistent use of social media is important for your company.

Increase Brand Awareness
Did you know there are over one billion active users on Facebook alone? When you have an active social media presence on platforms like Facebook, you are increasing the number of views you receive. This translates into potential consumers knowing your name and what you do best. Finding a way to harness the power of their viewership is essential for building a lasting impact for your business.

Use Reviews to Your Advantage
Peer reviews are one of the most important factors when making a decision about a product or company for consumers. A recent study shows consumers trust reviews more than advertisements, so establishing a foundation of positive reviews for your company is essential. Not to mention, consumers are more willing to spend money on a service if they know it is of high quality. Assure them that you are worth their money and their trust.

Improve and Highlight Your Company
With communication lines so easy to access, social media presents a way to change how you do business. With public reviews and comments on your page, you can promote positive feedback with ease – in many cases, your customers will have already done the work for you! These brand advocates will help to spread the word about your company. Even if a customer visits your page to bring an issue to your attention, take this as an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of your customer service by answering promptly and courteously; this will show others you care about your customers and their concerns.

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Access Your Customers
It has never been easier to reach out to customers. Social media makes it simple and convenient to answer questions as well as promote specials, products, and services. Is it a holiday and you’re closed? Customers are visiting Facebook pages to see if you are open holidays or closed due to weather, so let them know! This also builds customer loyalty. Keeping in touch with consumers creates bonds and allows them to connect with your brand. You’re no longer a company; you are part of their family.

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Leverage Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Even if you have a fully optimized website, web crawlers searching the web are now taking into consideration the activeness and optimization of social media sites. This means an active social media presence is pivotal in the complete optimization of your company’s online presence. The more followers and postings you have, the more likely you will be to show up toward the top of search results for products and services you offer in your service area. This happens with appropriate content and consistent posting.

Connect with Your Target Audience
Communicating with your customers online is a great way to connect and find out what’s important to them – whether it’s related to your business or not. Your social media posts should not revolve entirely around promotions and sales. Sharing lighter information about area events, holiday stories, and asking what your customers enjoy most about a certain season are excellent ways to open communication and connect on a different level. This helps to build a personality behind your business.

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Need Help Managing Your Social Media Presence? Rely on Consumer Focus Marketing™

Not sure if you’ll have the time to maintain your social media presence throughout this busy 2023? We can help! Consumer Focus offers full-service social media and Instagram management services to help your company either build a new account or enhance your current account. Our social media services will utilize strategic ads, build your following, create compelling posts, boost user engagement, direct customers to your company’s website, and showcase your products and services to the next generation.