While “a la carte” is a good way to order your favorite Spanish cuisine, it’s not a great way to do marketing—at least, it doesn’t maximize the potential that a complete suite of integrated marketing has to offer. Consumer Focus Marketing’s experts do everything possible to get your brand in front of people’s eyes, whether they’re current customers or future targets.

Integrated marketing strategies provide other benefits, too. Read this blog post to learn how an integrated campaign from your favorite marketing experts can aid in customer retention, new customer acquisition, and staying ahead of your competition.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns for Oil, Propane & Energy Companies Nationwide

Our integrated marketing campaigns incorporate everything you need to stay in front of current customers and potential targets. We can recommend a variety of individual marketing pieces to come together into a comprehensive strategy that reaches your target audience no matter where they look. Available marketing materials include:

Mix and Match Materials to Reach Your Goals

Whether you’re focused on growing your customer base, selling more gallons, lowering your acquisition cost, or any number of other marketing goals, we’re here to help. We have decades of experience in marketing specifically within the energy industry, so we know your customers’ pain points and what will resonate. In addition to producing award-winning marketing messages, we know which channels do and don’t work to help you reach your goals. Consult with our team if you’d like personalized consulting on the strategies we recommend to help your brand reach the moon.

Unlock Success Your Way with Consumer Focus Marketing

Our energy marketing experts are friendly and flexible. We can make recommendations or let you take the lead—whichever you prefer. Be as involved or hands-off as you like, and we’ll always do the rest to ensure that your company stays in front of customers and targets to make you the first energy company they think of when they need a fuel delivery or HVAC service. With Consumer Focus, any goal is attainable.

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