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Upcoming Webinars

3 Things to Do to Get More Customers this Fall

September 16, 2024 @ 1:00 pm

Are you looking for simple strategies to fine-tune your marketing and acquire new propane, fuel or HVAC service customers this fall? Don’t miss out on the opportune time to expand your company’s reach and turn potential customers into loyal patrons. In this 20-minute webinar, our speakers will uncover the top 3 things you should be doing right now to get more customers this season.

We will discuss how an integrated marketing strategy can help you grow your business and key initiatives that will help you stand out to targets in your delivery area. Our guest will talk in detail about the results they saw from utilizing these tactics in their own marketing strategies to acquire new customers.

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Show Up and Stand Out: Strategies to Boost Local Search Engine Rankings

October 21, 2024 @ 1:00 pm

Have you ever had a new customer tell you that they were surprised to find your business? Or maybe you’ve been contacted by several potential customers, only to find out that they’re outside your delivery range? These are just a few examples of why it’s so important to have a strategy in place to get found by people searching online for businesses like yours in your service area. In this 20-minute webinar, our speakers will go over their top tips for increasing visibility in local online search results.

We will discuss various factors that can contribute to your company’s search engine ranking and what strategies you can employ to solve your company’s unique needs to move higher up on those search engine results. Our guest will speak about their own experience improving their company’s online visibility and how that helped drive local leads.

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Previous Webinars

Customer Expectations for Online Engagement

Presented by: Mike Dobson, SEO & Marketing Manager at Consumer Focus Marketing and Michele Atkins, Sales & Marketing Manager at Dutch Oil & Propane
How long has it been since you looked at your website through the eyes of your customers? They have certain expectations of what they’ll be able to see and do when they visit you online. In this 20-minute webinar, our speakers will explore what makes a superb website experience.

We will discuss the top website features that are in demand with customers and strategies for improving customer experience. We will hear from our guest in detail about the results they saw when they enhanced their website to better engage their customers and their target audience.

Register for this short webinar today to find out more about the expectations of people who use your website, and how these key features can increase customer retention and acquisition for your company.


Marketing Spring & Summer Services Effectively

Presented by: Jennifer LeClerc, Vice President of Marketing at Consumer Focus Marketing, and Harrison Snow, President of Snow’s Fuel Company
Do your customers forget about you when winter changes to spring? Make them aware of your warm-weather product lines by tuning into this 20-minute webinar, where Jennifer LeClerc and Harrison Snow will uncover effective strategies for generating more work during the warmer months.