If you do one thing for your business’s marketing strategy next year, make it this: create a marketing plan outline for each month, or find a reliable marketing agency to do it for you. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but the important thing is having some semblance of a calendar that your team can follow even when things get busy, like during winter storms and cold snaps. This blog post will dive into the top reasons why planning your marketing content ahead of time is a critical practice for the New Year.

Planning Gives You a Roadmap to Success

You wouldn’t set off on a road trip without some form of navigational tool, so why would you try to dive into New Year marketing without a plan? During the busy season, many oil, propane, and fuel delivery companies are forced to work tirelessly between making timely deliveries and fixing emergency heating situations. Planning your marketing ahead of time means having a roadmap to success—and by success, we mean increased revenue and better customer satisfaction.

Don’t worry: your New Year marketing calendar doesn’t need to have all the details. It can be as fleshed out or as simple as needed, but it should exist so your marketing team can think ahead to plan timely messages such as A/C tune-up deals or budget plan enrollment.

But What about Short-Notice Marketing? I Won’t Have Room with a Full Calendar

If you harbor concerns about having space in your marketing plan for last-minute services or additional campaigns, we’re happy to let you know there’s nothing to worry about. Planning ahead actually gives you more wiggle room because you can visually check what will be marketed in future months and shift things around as needed, rather than randomly shuffling your marketing plan and potentially missing an important message you wanted to advertise later in the year.

You’ll Be Able to Craft a Thoughtful Strategy

10 thousand. That’s the number of ads most Americans see per day. If you want your message to stand out among all the noise of constant and never-ending advertisements, you’ll have to be thoughtful about the development and execution of your strategy. This starts with planning a strategic content calendar ahead of time and giving your team a chance to develop and distribute materials with precision and accuracy.

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Planning Reduces Stress & Improves Employee Retention

Have you ever been on the receiving end of “I need this on my desk by 2 o’clock”? If so, you know it’s a taxing environment that’s not sustainable in the long run. Avoid putting your employees in this situation by planning your marketing ahead of time. This will provide time to organize customer email lists and other important data points. You’ll see a happier and more relaxed employee base, members of which are less likely to leave your company to find a more organized and coordinated workplace.

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Hesitant? We Understand & We Can Help

We can feel your hesitation—you know planning ahead is a good idea, but you’re neck-deep in the busy delivery season, and you don’t have time to think about next week, let alone next year. Fortunately, that’s where Consumer Focus Marketing comes in. We’ve been involved with the energy industry for more than 20 years and are well-versed in planning effective marketing strategies during the heating season and all year long.

Our Promise to You

Get in touch with us for a quick consultation, and we’ll develop a complete New Year marketing plan for your energy business. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want—it’s completely up to you! We have experience working actively with companies to develop content calendars, but just as many come to us for a full suite of marketing materials that hardly require any time investment on their part. No matter your preference, we are committed to providing an exemplary experience for every client and look forward to exceeding your expectations. Contact us today to learn more, no strings attached.


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