Don’t fall behind in your Google search ranking. Realize a greater online presence and increase sales with pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategies.

When your website has not only been optimized using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics but has been coupled with a well-researched PPC strategy, your business will experience increased traffic, accurate and localized market targeting, and immediate results.

  • 1. Meet relevant customers

    Besides referrals from friends and family, online searches are the #1 place people look for local businesses. According to BIA/Kelsey, 97% of people use the internet when looking for services in their area, like fuel delivery and heating companies. Since this is where potential customers are looking for you, this is where you should be advertising.

  • 2. PPC leads have a high conversion rate

    It’s not until someone is really ready to pick up the phone and call you that they turn to Google. They may see your ad while flipping through their local newspaper, but that doesn’t mean they need to talk to you now, if at all. Every person that searches for heating services in their area is looking for you right now. PPC makes sure you reach these people when they need you.

  • 3. Get immediate results

    PPC marketing is the fastest way to reach potential customers. In a short time, your ad will be placed in front of people who are looking for your service. Other types of marketing can take a lot of time to reach your prospective customers. PPC is immediate. You’ll have your phones ringing within 48 hours of starting a well-designed PPC campaign.

  • 4. PPC makes the phones ring

    PPC has features to generate phone calls quickly, even before you have the searcher on your website. You can add your phone number directly on the Google search results page, allowing potential customers to call you directly. By reducing the amount of necessary steps to take to reach you, you increase likelihood of phone calls. With increasing amounts of web searches done from mobile phones, this feature is exponentially important. The ability to click a single button on a mobile device results in an immediate phone call from an interested buyer.

  • 5. Cost vs. Results

    Most mid-sized heating and fuel delivery companies see $500/year per customer in profits, and on average, each customer stays ten years. This results in a $5,000 lifetime value (LTV) for each customer. The cost to acquire a new customer using PPC doesn’t even skim the surface of the potential profits in gaining a new customer. This makes PPC a very profitable marketing approach for home heating and fuel delivery businesses. To calculate the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers, take the total revenue you earn in a year, divide that by the total number of customers you have, and then multiply that by the average time a customer does business with you.

  • 6. PPC is very targeted

    PPC provides one of the most specific and granular targeting methods of any kind of marketing. As a company focused on serving your local area, you’ll want to spend money advertising only to people in your service area. You can choose to only show your ads in specific counties, towns, and zip codes. You can also target specific times of day and even what type of device people use so you get the most leads for the best cost.

  • 7. Focus on important services and procedures

    Not only can you choose to advertise in specific areas, you can choose to advertise specific aspects of your business. Is there a certain service you’re focused on right now? Maybe its summer time and A/C repair is big. With PPC, you can choose to pump up your advertising for A/C repair in the hot months and bring it down in the winter, resulting in more jobs around heating.

  • 8. Optimize your search results

    You’ve probably noticed PPC ads before. They’re the top sites that Google shows on the search results page. While it’s very important to have a good organic search marketing strategy (SEO), PPC will reach the people who do not scroll down to the organic listing. Google’s data even shows that both organic search marketing and PPC benefit from each other when both strategies are used simultaneously.

  • 9. Choose what you spend

    The cost per lead for PPC will be the same regardless of whether you want to spend $1,000/month or $10,000/month. The only question is how much business you’d like.

  • 10. There are no mysteries with PPC

    PPC marketing is tangible and 100% data driven. You’ll know exactly what kind of ROI you are getting for your marketing dollars. Most other forms of marketing can’t do this. Think of a print ad in your local newspaper. While these ads have been proven to work, there’s no 100% clear way to tell how many of the phone calls you receive are due to the money put into the ad. PPC shows you how much every visit to your website costs and how much every lead costs.

Stay ahead of the curve, achieve incredible results, improve your business. With PPC capabilities, your business has nowhere to go but up.