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Are you spending time and money on email marketing without seeing results? You may be guilty of one or more of these common oversights.

1. Slacking on the Subject Line

It’s human nature to judge books by their covers—and emails by their subject lines. Since this is your first impression, make it worthwhile. Ask a question, make a promise, or find another creative way to draw your audience in.

2. Forgetting the Visual Aspect

If your subject line is compelling enough for the reader to then open your email, you’ve won half the battle! Keep their attention by having both quality content and a visually appealing design for the best overall experience.

3. Including Too Much Text

Quantity is not synonymous with quality; this is especially true in the world of e-marketing. Email promotions are meant to be short and sweet, allowing the reader to see details immediately or leading them to more information elsewhere. The average adult’s attention span is only eight seconds, after all.

4. Not Adapting to New Technology

Once upon a time, mobile optimization for web applications was an option—a modern perk for consumers. Today, we expect to consume information in mobile-friendly formats, whether it’s from a corporate bank chain or, you guessed it, a local energy provider.

5. Leaving out Links & Calls to Action

You’ve checked all the boxes from 1–4 above and corrected what may have been missing as far as getting and keeping your customers’ attention while viewing the email. Now what? Give them a bold, clear action to take—contacting your office, visiting your website, etc.—so you can turn your email marketing efforts into profitable results!