Social media advertising continues to be one of the leading elements of marketing strategy in 2019. It is an effective method to engage customers, expand your reach, and achieve target marketing goals with trackable results. The best part? Instagram and Facebook Ads Manager come with streamlined tools to set campaign objectives based on your specific goals. Here’s a breakdown:

Campaign Objectives 101

1. Reach
The Reach objective is used to promote your company’s products and services. What makes it unique is that this tool allows you to engage with a very broad audience.

2. Traffic
Use this campaign objective when you want to drive users to your website. It is highly effective to direct users to your online store or to a specific offer on your website.

3. Video Views
Videos are taking the lead on social media. According to Social Media Today, 1200% more shares are generated by social videos than text and images combined.[1] If you are running a video ad, use this objective to promote views.

4. Lead Generation
Turn users into targets with the Lead Generation objective. This objective can help you collect user info, like email addresses, so that you can market directly to them in the future.

5. Brand Awareness
Put your brand out there. Set the Brand Awareness object for your Instagram or Facebook campaign to increase overall awareness of your company’s products and services with users who may have interacted with your brand previously.

6. Engagement
The Engagement objective is another option to promote offers. It is also a good objective to set when you are trying to encourage more engagement with your Instagram or Facebook page and posts.

7. App Installs
This objective speaks for itself. If your company has an app, you can set ads specifically to target users to download your app.

8. Conversions
Looking to drive sales online? You can use the Conversions objective to promote users to complete a certain action on your website or app, like a purchase or email registration.

Whether you are just getting started with social media or already have a strategy in place, campaign objectives for paid Instagram and Facebook ads are essential to maximize your social media success.

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[1] Social Media Today