This new year Consumer Focus Marketing wants to help energy companies thrive with products and services specifically geared toward training staff members, technicians, and managers in the propane and oil heat industries. Our workforce development training services dive into the specific skills teams need to thrive in the fast-paced energy industry with greater efficiency, improved profitability, higher sales margins, and increased knowledge about recent developments in energy products. Keep reading to learn about the specific training services Consumer Focus offers.

Trust Consumer Focus to Train Your Employees for Success in the New Year

Due to electrification, high energy prices, and greater competition from discount fuel companies, the propane,  oil, and heat industries are experiencing more friction than ever before in maintaining an upward momentum in their businesses. With that in mind, Consumer Focus Marketing’s training services aim to fully prepare workforces to successfully engage with  clients, encourage increased sales and service bookings, and maintain customer loyalty for years to come.

Are you looking to increase the success of your energy company next year? Our training and focus groups for service technicians, delivery drivers, customer service representatives, and managers in the energy industry can help to sustain the longevity and prosperity of any small business in the energy industry.

1.    Training & Focus Groups

Our training and focus groups target the individuals who represent a company’s values face-to-face, every single day. Managers, customer service representatives, technicians, and delivery drivers all make a huge impact on  customer experience and retention. Our training groups are structured around improving service department profitability, gaining efficiencies, and producing better year-round technician utilization than imagined. To learn more aboutemployee training groups, click here.

2.    Technician Focus Groups

Service technicians are the face of a company ; they are the front line of a business and in direct contact with customers. Equipping  technicians  with valuable customer service training can impact overall efficiency, reduce costs, and increase billable hours in the service department.

Our technician training focus groups help to provide  technicians  with the tools they need to represent a company and its services the way they should be . Want to learn more about how Consumer Focus helps to train technicians ? Click here to check out the program.

3.    Technician Sales Training

Technicians can have a huge impact on revenue growth for HVAC equipment sales in over half of oil-heated homes in the Northeast. Our TechAdvantage™ sales training helps technicians  become comfortable with the sales process and helps  clients capitalize on this opportunity.

The three-step training and consulting process will help technicians  become skilled with customer interaction and understand how to articulate the value proposition of various equipment sales opportunities. The process can also boost sales in areas that have a limited sales window, such as air conditioning installation and service plans. Interested in learning more about how technicians  can become skilled at sales? Click here to learn more about Technician Sales Training through Consumer Focus.

4.    Customer Service Representative Training

Customer service representatives (CRRs) in you’re an energy company are tasked with answering the tough questions  and are the first point of contact for new customers to engage with on the phone, via email responses, or sometimes in-person. It’s vital that  CSRs are extremely knowledgeable about  offerings and can appropriately articulate the value of services over the competitor.

Plus, our unique CSR training helps  small businesses achieve consistency in correct answers to customer inquiries, better sales opportunities taken by staff, increased customer retention, and boosted morale when representatives feel properly trained and supported in their extremely important roles. Curious to learn about the training modules Consumer Focus offers as a part of our CSR training? Click here to view the program in detail.

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5.    Management Training Services

An effective manager at a propane or oil heat business is able to accurately evaluate their service department, manage employees with clearly communicated expectations and ample direction, and implement meaningful change . A management team has a unique role in helping to lead a company to success through the careful and deliberate direction of their colleagues. Our management training services focus on three areas: human resources, management, and financial basics for improving profitability. To learn more about how this program works to create more effective managers in the energy industry, click here.

6.     Bioheat® Fuel Training

Technicians, drivers, management, and CSRs need the facts about Bioheat® fuel to help a company thrive in a renewable energy landscape. This renewable liquid heating fuel is making strides to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050—which is grabbing the attention of more and more consumers.

If you deliver Bioheat® heating fuel or are looking into making the switch, now’s a good time to position yourself and your staff as the experts on Bioheat® fuel and biodiesel for your customers to accurately answer customers’ questions, concerns, as well as inform them about all of the benefits this fuel offers for their home heating needs. When a company participates in our Bioheat® fuel training, the staff will be equipped with the facts they need to know to engage with customers about this remarkable product.

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Give Your Workforce the Tools They Need for Success in 2023

Consumer Focus has years of experience working closely with propane, oil, HVAC, and energy companies, giving us the know-how to help clients with all aspects of their business. Unlike other professional development courses, we tailor  employee training and focus groups to your industry and address concerns specific to the products and services provided in your service area. Ready to equip your team with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-changing energy landscape? Check out our professional training for propane energy and fuel oil companies in the Northeast.

Marketing for the Energy Industry & Beyond

You can trust our industry expertise to deliver high quality products and proven results. Consumer Focus specializes in creating strategic marketing plans for energy industry associations. We work with associations to develop creative campaigns and research projects that support the advancement of the industry to benefit dealers and consumers alike. When a company works with us, you will have access to the latest in web design, email marketing, SEO enhancements, targeted marketing, employee training, and focus group research.