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One of the most daunting parts of social media is often the potential for negative feedback. Many companies avoid establishing a presence on social media altogether in an attempt to dodge possible negative reviews and comments customers could leave on their page. However, just because your company isn’t on social media doesn’t mean your customers aren’t, and it won’t stop them from talking about your business if they have something to say! Establishing your presence on social media will allow you to reap its many valuable benefits while controlling the positive and negative feedback left about your business. Potential customers rely heavily on the words and reviews of current and past customers as they make their decision to purchase. Sure, no business wants a negative review or comment on their page, but knowing how to handle this feedback professionally is a must for the sake of your company’s reputation—on the web and otherwise. The energy industry marketing experts here at Consumer Focus Marketing have a few tips that can help you successfully navigate negative feedback and even make it work in your favor!

Our Best Tips for Handling Negative Feedback on Social Media

1. Respond quickly

The importance of monitoring your social media makes itself known right in our first tip! Responding to negative reviews and comments quickly shows how seriously you take the feedback and your customers’ concerns. It also allows you to publicly rectify the situation, cutting down the time that other members of your audience see the negative feedback on your page.

2. Apologize and act empathetically

Negative feedback about your product or service can be a tough pill to swallow. However, it is never a good idea to go on the defense and attack the reviewer. If you are at fault, accept it, apologize, and show your followers the integrity of your business and your outstanding customer service efforts as you attempt to publicly fix the situation. If you are not at fault, remember that the customer is always right! Do not get defensive—instead, calmly apologize that the customer had a poor experience and do your best to fix it. Show the reviewer and other visitors on the page that you value your customers and their feedback and that you will do your best to provide top-notch customer service in response.

3. Request personal communication

In your response, ask the customer to please take a moment and call the office or privately message their information so a customer service representative can contact them personally and attempt to rectify the situation. This will allow you to discuss the situation and work to make it right—without the entire conversation public for your followers to see.

4. Request that the reviewer please update or amend the testimonial

If the issue is resolved after the private conversation, request that the reviewer please update or amend the testimonial. Either ask directly during the personal conversation or comment on their review after your conversation, thanking them for taking the time to discuss this situation and letting them know that you hope the matter was handled to their liking. If they add an amendment to their negative review, visitors will see this as a testimony to your supreme customer service abilities. In other words, you will have quite literally turned a negative review around to benefit your business!

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