In a time when customer needs are changing and evolving, it’s more critical now than ever that your company provides excellent, timely customer support; however, great customer service and support isn’t easy. Each call your customer service representatives receive can be crucial, and if issues or pain points aren’t handled correctly, both existing and future customers may be on the chopping block. In this blog post, we will explore some of the biggest challenges facing your CSRs and how comprehensive, customized CSR training from Consumer Focus Marketing can help your CSRs and your business thrive.

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The Top 5 Issues Your CSRs Are Facing Right Now

Did you know that 38% of customers say outstanding customer support has a significant impact on how much they trust a brand they regularly buy from[1]? This means your CSRs operate under pressure, with their role in your company demanding that they hone skills such as patience, communication, and attention to detail. From taking orders over the phone to troubleshooting problems with customers, they’re the front line of your business. Here are the top five issues your customer service representatives are facing right now:

  • Answering difficult customer questions

The first entry on this list probably seems obvious—of course your customers are going to bring difficult questions to your CSRs. But not having an answer to a tough question, such as one about fuel or HVAC equipment pricing asked by a cost-conscious customer, is simply not an option. So how do your CSRs navigate this tumultuous situation? The proper training can help a great deal.

  • Handling angry customers

Even when your company is top of the line and excellent at what you do, you’re bound to experience an upset customer at some point. The way your CSRs choose to respond can lead to good or bad promotion for your business, which means it’s imperative that they know how to deal with this type of scenario. Specialized training in dealing with angry customers is a simple solution.

  • Struggling to upsell products

It can be difficult for your CSRs to know when and how they should approach the topic of things like equipment sales or add-on offerings, such as service plans. A lot of CSRs aren’t comfortable with trying to upsell a product to a customer who has called about a related but separate issue. Investing in the proper training can help develop these skills.

  • Handling fuel run-out calls and sharing safety information

It’s vital to ensure that your CSRs are trained appropriately to answer fuel run-out calls and dispatch the proper assistance as needed. Sharing general safety information—such as the importance of the customer checking their tank frequently to avoid running out of fuel—is another aspect of the job on which your CSRs should be trained.

  • Being responsible for customer retention

A customer service representative’s communication skills must be up to the task of retaining customers. This is an essential part of the CSR toolkit that allows them to talk with happy customers or resolve an issue for unhappy ones. Invest in the training your CSRs need to handle these situations and many more.

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Consumer Focus Can Teach Your Reps How to Resolve These Common Issues

At Consumer Focus Marketing, our team of experts is ready and willing to help your customer service representatives thrive. We proudly offer a comprehensive CSR training program that can be completely customized to your company’s unique needs. We’re the marketing experts that the energy industry relies on, so we understand the complexities that your business faces every single day. To get in touch with us about our CSR training program offerings, contact us today!