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Since the pandemic began, email marketing has really taken off. Hear us out. Sure, email marketing is nothing new, but during times of working from home, learning from home, and staying at home, people are relying on emails more than ever for essential communication.

Email marketing trends have become critical tools for companies to stay in touch with their customers and connect with prospective targets. But, with this increased frequency in email communication that also means it’s more important than ever to make sure your company’s emails have what it takes to stand out in a busy inbox. We’ve found five email marketing trends that can enhance your current strategy and are likely to become standards in the future of email marketing.

Email Marketing Strategies to Add to Your Marketing Plan

1. Personalize Messages
According to research by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates than non-personalized subject lines.[1] Try this technique with existing customers whose information you have readily available. More engagement from existing customers is a direct way to boost your revenue.

2. Segment Your Send List
One-size-fits-all email campaigns are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Email segmentation is another tried-and-true method to increase consumer activity and drive sales. Start off with something simple, like segmenting your email lists between existing and future customers. Prompt future subscribers to provide information about specific products or services from your company that they are interested in. That way, the emails they receive are tailored to their interests and provide a more valuable experience.

3. Experiment with Dark Mode
Dark mode is a feature that offers a 100% contrast to standard screen display to help alleviate eye strain in low-light conditions. This year, many companies have started to experiment with designs that use light typography on dark backgrounds.

4. Get Creative with Interactive Designs
Speaking of email design, another way to stand out is by incorporating interactive elements into your email marketing. Instead of static images or design elements, interactive email designs like hover effects can transform how users interact with your content.

5. Integrate with Other Marketing
Email marketing shouldn’t be an island. If you are using email marketing to get the word out to targets about promotions, upcoming events, or information about your products and services, make sure your messages are cohesive across all of your marketing channels. Enhance your email marketing strategy by integrating the same campaign on your social media accounts, website, digital advertising, and print marketing. That way, when consumers interact with your brand in other ways, they’ll be exposed to the same message multiple times which will boost your brand awareness and drive consumers to take action.

Have questions about how to incorporate these trends into your email marketing strategy? Connect with us! Consumer Focus Marketing creates compelling email marketing campaigns that get results for our clients.

[1] Yes Lifecycle Marketing, 2019

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