When you were growing up, did you believe that if you accidentally swallowed your chewing gum, it would take seven years to digest it? As it turns out, that is a common misconception, not a fact; there are many more myths in our lives, some of which revolve around marketing. Consumer Focus Marketing is the energy industry’s source for top-of-the-line, personalized marketing strategies, potentially involving many moving parts, including email marketing. This tried-and-true method of reaching your clients has several myths attached to it that need busting—let’s take a closer look together!

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Top 5 Common Myths about Email Marketing

Here at Consumer Focus, our team prides itself on our custom, industry-specific email marketing content. We’re highly experienced with the latest email marketing strategies, and for that reason, we’re also aware of the misconceptions surrounding email marketing. Here are five common myths about email marketing, as well as myth busting for each one:

1. Email marketing is dead.

If you do a quick Google search for the phrase “email marketing is dead,” you’ll see a ton of results. That means it’s a popular topic, and while many of those results will tell you the truth—that email marketing is not dead—the fact that tons of people are searching the phrase indicates that they think this incredibly effective marketing tool is on the verge of extinction. On the contrary, email marketing has never been more effective. Campaign Monitor states that “email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom with a 3800% ROI and $38 for every $1 spent.” We couldn’t agree more! We tailor our email marketing services to the energy industry, and we use tools such as personalized communication, segmented customer lists, and year-round promotion to help ensure that your email marketing campaign is as successful as possible.

2. Email marketing is expensive and time consuming.

If you’ve ever heard a horror story about email marketing, it has probably stuck with you. Here’s the thing: email marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. When you choose Consumer Focus to work on your email marketing, you’re choosing a team that specializes in industry-specific marketing strategy. We’ll provide you with an email marketing plan that will help you reach your audience directly and with minimal time and effort on your end.

3. Emails with longer subject lines don’t get opened.

Figuring out what to write for an email subject line can be difficult enough without worrying about its length. Many marketing experts recommend keeping email subject lines short, but that doesn’t mean that longer subject lines aren’t effective. The energy marketing pros at Consumer Focus are great at keeping subject lines concise yet engaging so that the first part of your email makes the best possible impression on your customers.

4. It’s difficult to track email data and get results quickly.

If you’re trying to perform your own email marketing while also running your business, there’s a chance you could be overlooking important email statistics that can help inform your next campaign. Luckily, tracking email data and getting results instantly doesn’t have to be hard, not when you go with our experienced Consumer Focus team. Our unique approach to email marketing allows you to easily review email stats, so you can evaluate the success of your message, and our email marketing tools can provide quantitative data to assess the level of interest.

5. Increasing email frequency frightens off subscribers.

People who are new to email marketing often think that sending too many emails will annoy subscribers and increase spam complaints. Focusing on sending relevant and valuable email content to your customers and prospects is key to a successful email campaign, regardless of the number of emails you ultimately send. We can help you determine what kind of email content will perform best with your audience, as well as how many emails are needed to get your message across.

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Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level with Consumer Focus

Now that we’ve busted several of the most common email marketing myths, we want to help you take your email marketing to the next level. The team at Consumer Focus is eager to help you with your next email marketing campaign—but that’s not all we do! You can count on us for social media marketing, design and print marketing, custom websites, and much more, all tailored to meet the needs of the energy industry and your unique brand. Ready to get started? Contact us today!