Did you know your customer service representatives play a huge role in driving your equipment sales? Customer service representatives (CSRs) at your energy company are tasked with answering the tough questions and are the first point of contact for new customers to engage with on the phone, via email responses, or sometimes in-person. It’s vital that CSRs are extremely knowledgeable about offerings and can appropriately articulate the value of your services over the competitor so that your business can generate more sales and gain new customers. Keep reading to learn how your CSRs can drive the success of your company.

How Your CSRs Can Help Drive Sales

Customer service representatives (CSRs) are in direct contact with customers daily and are a resource for homeowners interested in products and services. For this reason, it is important CSRs are highly knowledgeable about offerings and current marketing efforts so they can accurately articulate their value. By engaging with Consumer Focus for professional CSR training, you will provide your CSR team with unique opportunities to achieve consistent answers to customer inquiries, more successful sales opportunities, better customer retention, and boosted morale. If you are interested in signing up your employees for any of our targeted focus groups, get in touch with us here.

Enroll Your Team in Industry-Specific Training

Break down the benefits of equipment installations

Installing new HVAC equipment is a tricky subject for residential customers. These can be pricey investments for homeowners, and they might be hesitant to agree to replace their aging heating or A/C equipment. However, a knowledgeable CSR can help to soothe your customers’ qualms about upgrading their equipment, explain the benefits of new upgrades, teach a customer how new equipment helps them save on energy costs in the long run, and break down pricing, financing opportunities, and rebates in your state.

Adequately answer customer questions

When your employees speak with customers, there’s always a chance the customer will ask a difficult question. Are you confident that your customer service representatives (CSRs) are prepared to rise to the challenge and provide an answer that accurately represents your brand and the measures you’ll take to satisfy your customers? If you aren’t 100% positive that every CSR can deliver a satisfactory answer to tricky questions, we can help. One of our CSR focus group training modules focuses specifically on equipping your customer service representatives to answer difficult questions about pricing, conversions, upgrades, and more!

Explain service plan value

If your company offers service plans, these hold a significant amount of value that your CSRs should be able to adequately articulate to your customers or potential customers. When your customers realize how beneficial these plans are for maintaining their equipment and protecting their investments, they’ll be 100% on board. The first step is ensuring that your customer service representatives understand the ins and outs of all your service offerings and pricing so they can explain how much a service plan can truly save your customers.

Help customers save money

Your customers want to feel like they’ve found a great deal when they decide to work with your company over the competitors in your area. Your customer service representatives are essential to helping prospective customers understand the savings opportunities your company offers and how booking services from you will benefit them the most. To help improve this area of your customer service, properly train your CSRs to understand the price breakdowns of your most popular services and any discounts or promotions you have available.

Your customer service representatives can do all this and more! With our CSR training and focus groups, your business sales will increase as your customers begin receiving accurate information and convincing information about new equipment and service plan benefits.

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Workforce Training for Customer Service Reps

Consumer Focus offers employee training and focus groups to help your company thrive. Our goal is to help boost the success of companies in the energy industries while giving your employees the tools they need to seize valuable sales opportunities. In these groups, your CSRs will learn to:

  • Answer pricing questions
  • Articulate the value of full-service providers
  • Explain why upgrading equipment makes sense
  • Describe the value of equipment service plans
  • Respond to gas conversion calls effectively

Curious to learn about the training modules Consumer Focus offers as a part of our CSR training? Click here to view the program in detail.

Maximize Your Company’s Success with Employee Training from Consumer Focus Marketing™

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