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What challenges did your company face last winter? Perhaps you noticed a drop in morale among your customer service representatives or some missed sales opportunities? Recognizing areas in your company’s customer service-related business processes that need improvement is key to the long-term success and retention of your dedicated employees. CSRs are the front lines of your business, and a lack of proper training to guide them through various challenging scenarios could spell trouble for your bottom line. Read this blog post to discover the benefits of comprehensive CSR training from Consumer Focus Marketing!

What CSR Training Includes & Why It Is Important

When was the last time you had formal training for your CSRs? Do you monitor your calls and what is being said, and do you offer coaching in a meaningful, consistent way? Your customer service representatives are in direct contact with your customers and are a resource for homeowners interested in your products and services. For this reason, it is important your CSRs are extremely knowledgeable about your offerings and can appropriately articulate their value. At Consumer Focus, we offer professional CSR training designed specifically for the fuel delivery and HVAC industry. With our help, your CSRs will be able to achieve these goals:

  • Consistent, correct answers to customer inquiries
  • Sales opportunities acted on
  • Customer retention
  • Better morale, as CSRs are properly trained and equipped to take care of customers

Why Choose Consumer Focus for Your CSR Training

No one does CSR training quite like us! Our CSR training modules cover a variety of important topics that are specific to the fuels and HVAC industry, including:

  • Pricing questions
  • Value of full-service providers
  • Value of service plans
  • Why upgrading equipment makes sense
  • Incentive plans for CSRs
  • How to respond to gas conversion calls

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Give Your CSRs Confidence with Training from Consumer Focus

The team at Consumer Focus is pleased to offer business consulting strategy, customer service representative training, and a variety of other services you need to keep your energy business running. We can’t wait to teach your team the ins and outs of great customer service—reach out to us today to schedule your CSR training.

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