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When it comes to running a successful business, you might be missing out on one very important untapped resource: your employees’ input! Your employees are oftentimes at the frontlines of your everyday customer interactions and have valuable insight to share about your customers’ needs as well as the innerworkings of your current business model. Keep reading to learn how our focus groups work by helping your employees address their concerns, helpful ideas, and overall insight into your company.

Get Valuable Employee Input from Focus Groups

Our training focus groups are a unique product that we specifically created for businesses in the energy industry, just like yours. By creating separate training sessions for your CSRs, technicians, and management, we are able to offer your employees comprehensive job-based training amongst a group of their peers. We also typically encourage a member from your management team or higher-up to oversee these groups and take note of all the valuable information that comes through your hardworking employees as we work through our training modules.

Here’s a few ways that focus groups can help your business to succeed:

  • Greater sales opportunities acted on
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Help improve employees’ confidence with customer interaction
  • Consistent, correct answers to customer inquiries
  • Improve employee morale
  • Gives employees a forum to express their input about your company

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Improve Employee Satisfaction

Our focus groups give your employees a chance to be heard when it comes to how you run your energy business. By doing your part as a business owner to listen to and implement the ideas of your staff into your everyday business routine, employee satisfaction will begin to skyrocket. Plus, our training sessions will equip your employees with useful tactics to help with their day-to-day tasks and customer interactions, which will boost their confidence in their position.

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Learn Customer Insights to Help Refine Your Marketing

Who is the first line of communication your customers speak with when interacting with your energy business for the first time? Is it a member of your customer service team when answering customer inquiries over the phone? Or, instead, do you notice that your service technicians or delivery drivers often need to answer tough customer questions while performing on-site repairs, maintenance, or fuel refills?

Each of these groups of employees at your company plays an important and valuable role in your customers’ overall satisfaction with your business. These people are the face of your business in more ways than one and are often the individuals that learn the most about your customers’ wants, needs, and most frequently asked questions. So why not use this to your advantage and learn valuable customer insights from the employees you trust to handle these interactions every day? Our focus groups will give you the perfect opportunity to gain perspective into how your customer sees and interacts with your business so you can apply this directly to your marketing efforts.

Boost Your Company’s Success with Employee Insight & Training

Consumer Focus Marketing™ has developed unique programs, products, and services geared towards helping propane and energy companies thrive and improve service department profitability, efficiencies, and produce better year-round technician utilization. Our goal is to help businesses gain valuable customer insights, improve their marketing strategy, and boost employee satisfaction by equipping their workforce with relevant training and support. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help your company with our comprehensive workforce training programs and focus groups today!