When the holidays roll around, that means it’s high time to start planning ahead for marketing in the New Year. Before you put up your “Out of Office” reply, set aside some time to plan ahead. The overall message of your company’s brand is the big-picture piece that will define the marketing tasks you execute for the rest of the year. Does your current brand represent your company’s core values and future goals? If not, keep reading this blog for some actionable tips on how you can stand out from the crowd when January rolls around.

Your Brand Matters

“Branding” has been a hot buzzword in the marketing industry for decades. You might wonder, does it really matter? The answer is yes. Branding goes beyond your logo and color scheme. Your brand represents your personality, style, mission, and vision as a company across all marketing platforms. Building a strong brand is how customers recognize and identify with your business. It’s an essential tool to help your company grow and make a lasting impression on your customers and community.

So, how will a strong brand help your business?

Make an Impression

Customers are more likely to gravitate to a company that has an overall polished and cohesive look. Imagine interviewing two candidates for an open position. One appears disheveled, the other looks put together—whom are you more likely to hire? Customers shop for companies in a similar way. Your brand’s appearance on your website and marketing materials is your opportunity to make a positive, lasting impression.

Stand Out

What personal elements make your business unique? Do you offer a wide variety of services? Do you provide the best prices in town? Maybe you specialize in one or two niche areas. Your brand can succinctly present what makes your company unique and why customers should choose you over the competition. Failing to represent yourself accurately and fully can reflect negatively on your company’s reputation, bottom line, and customer opinion.

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Build Trust

A cohesive look that affirms your company’s value will make consumers more likely to trust that you can deliver on all that your message promises. Consistently affirming your company’s identity ensures that when customers do business with you, they know exactly what to expect.

Become a More Appealing Workplace

Keep in mind that future customers aren’t the only ones viewing your brand. Prospective future employees are scoping you out too, and most high-value future team members aren’t going to apply to a company that doesn’t have a fleshed-out online presence. Building up your website with a cohesive and professional brand, helpful information, and updated functionality is a great way to attract future staff.

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Branding for the New Year

Not sure where to get started? Work with Consumer Focus Marketing to evaluate your current branding. We can work with you to modify your existing brand strategy or build a completely new look. When you’re ready to start planning your next marketing strategy, get in touch to schedule an evaluation today! We promise to keep it quick while delivering a high level of value you won’t want to pass up on. We look forward to speaking with you.

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