The right brand should represent a company’s value and, of course, its offerings. What does your current brand say about your business? Are you an oil provider expanding into HVAC? Are you a residential fuel delivery service taking on commercial accounts? If your business is growing, it’s crucial to make sure your brand grows with it.

Brand recognition begins with a name. Does your existing company name match the diversity of services you offer? Refreshing your title or tagline with words like “Heating and Cooling” or “Energy Solutions” will draw attention from existing customers and recognition from potential clients to the array of home comfort options your company now carries.

Are you ready to revamp your brand? Here is your brand development checklist to make sure all representations of your business are up to date:


If you decide to rework your business name or add a new tagline, your logo will need a makeover too. As the first point of reference for consumers, you want your logo to reflect your new brand both in name and design. When brainstorming, consider the branding of your competitors and what sort of message you want to present to consumers.


When choosing a new business name, consider the keywords prospective clients will be using to search the web. Stronger keywords will result in higher search engine ranking and more traffic to your website. Once you’ve chosen an upgraded brand name, be sure to update your existing website with SEO optimized content to match your offerings.

Print Materials

In the energy industry, tangible promotions are still a successful way to reach customers. Make sure your new logo and company name are translated into your print materials. Consistency across all channels will inform and engage both current and potential customers.

Social Media

Last but not least, update your social media accounts to reflect your business’s new brand. Facebook and Twitter are both great places to share exciting company updates and noteworthy content, like rebranding.

Are you looking to create a new brand that integrates your company’s valuable history and future goals? We’re ready to make your brand transition smooth and seamless. Contact us to learn more.