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When was the last time you updated your website? If it’s been a while, it’s been too long! Outdated or incorrect content can deter potential business from new and existing customers alike. Check out this blog post from Consumer Focus Marketing to learn five reasons you need to update your website now:

Top Reasons You Need to Update Your Website

1. Mobile Optimization

While 91% of people use a PC or laptop to search the internet, 80% use their smartphone to search (Smartinsights.com). Make sure your website is optimized for phone, tablet, and computer use to ensure searchers have a great user experience from any device.

2. Fresh Content

Once your website is up and running, you might be happy to check a big to-do off of your list and never look back. But as your products and services change, so should the information on your website. Update content regularly that would be of interest to your customers, like special promotions, company news, and season-specific offers.

Keeping the content fresh will keep customers coming back to your website to find out what’s new, and will enhance your page’s SEO with new searchable keywords as you add products and services.

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3. Thoughtful Layout and Design

First impressions are everything, especially on the Internet. What is your website saying about your company? Is it static and colorless, or overridden with text? Is it easy to navigate? The design of your website plays a crucial role in drawing potential customers to your website and getting them to stick around to learn more.

Make sure your website is easy to digest at first glance and user-friendly. Concise content, compelling images, and carefully chosen links and buttons will bring users to the most important elements on your site.

4. Customer Reviews

It’s proven: positive reviews bring in more customers. Add a testimonial page or a few well-placed reviews throughout your website to help convert potential customers into actual customers. Plus, this critical element requires little effort on your part. Most loyal customers are happy to write up a few lines to support the positives of your company. Just ask!

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5. Direct Calls to Action

So you’ve drawn in the consumer with great content. Now what? Give your site plenty of interactive qualities and clear calls to action, including contact forms and request forms for service, ordering fuel, becoming a customer, equipment estimate quotes, online billing, and more.

Giving customers the opportunity to take action at their convenience improves customer satisfaction and ensures that you’re not missing out on potential business if a consumer is on your website during non-business hours.

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