More likely than not, you probably use some kind of schedule or calendar to help manage your oil, propane, or energy company. Without a way to keep track of your to-dos and operations, you’d be lost—so why not use the same strategy when it comes to planning your marketing? If you plan ahead, not only will your schedule be optimized, but you’ll be less stressed in the long run and it will be easier to reach your goals.

Consumer Focus Marketing has compiled some tips to help you plan a successful marketing campaign in the New Year. The guide that appears below contains important suggestions for marketing messages this year, while planning your New Year’s marketing calendar. And if you get stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out! We serve hundreds of energy customers across the country, and we would consider it a privilege to help you, too.

Must-Do Tips for Communication in the New Year

Be a Step Ahead of Your Customers and Proactively Discuss Fuel Prices

Lately, prices are extremely unpredictable, and customers expect you to promote your methodology for competitive pricing. If you communicate honestly and openly about what your company is doing in response to surging fuel prices, customers are more likely to respond in a positive manner. Offering alternative solutions to making fuel prices more manageable, like signing up for a budget or pricing plan, can help too. Be sure to emphasize that while fuel prices are out of your control, you’re doing everything you can to make their cost as fair as possible. Successfully communicating these details will prevent your customers from shopping around in the New Year.

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Implement a Streamlined Hiring Process and Fill Job Openings

If you need to find qualified candidates to fill driver and technician roles, this is the time to hire. Waiting until delivery requests start rolling in by the dozen is the worst time to start looking for seasonal drivers. Consumer Focus Marketing can create, optimize, post, and monitor your job ads to maximize the number of qualified inquiries you receive.

Focus Your Marketing Efforts and Meet Your Goals

By outlining your objectives for the upcoming year now, you’ll have a tangible goal for your marketing efforts. You can do this yourself or outsource to a qualified marketing company who can use their experience and staff to take care of these important responsibilities for you.

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Contact Consumer Focus Marketing for New Year’s Marketing Planning

Get in touch with us and we can help plan your marketing calendar, post a killer job ad that will attract the best employees, or word a diplomatic and encouraging message about fuel prices. We’ll set you up for a successful season and help you achieve your goals.

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