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Boost Your Recurring Revenue Stream by Striking While the Iron Is Hot

During a season of surging fuel prices, your customers are looking for a way to save money, defer expensive delivery costs, or distribute their service bills into smaller segments. It’s the perfect time to speak with them about pricing options. If you don’t provide them with a clear opportunity to save, they may fly the coop to find a company that will.

How Are You Marketing Budget Plans to Your Customers?

The “Seven Touches” principle in marketing states that a customer needs to see or hear something seven times before making a purchase or signing up for a subscription. Is your enrollment plan’s ad campaign set up to provide the seven touches that customers need? Our team of energy experts can craft a custom email campaign, update your website, post on social media, and use all your marketing platforms to get customers to sign up for budget plans for the upcoming heating season.

In addition to budget plans, it’s a good time to reassure customers about the continued value of automatic delivery and communicate the savings benefits of service plans if you offer them.

Take Advantage of our Experience in the Energy Marketing Industry

For nearly two decades now, our team has been crafting strategic and effective marketing campaigns for companies in the energy industry and beyond. With your valuable services and offerings, and our extensive knowledge in the marketing field, you have a unique opportunity to push your enrollment plans during this critical time of rising prices. Strike while the iron is hot and rising prices are at the top of your customers’ minds.

Let Us Help with Your Enrollment Campaigns

Keep in mind that enrollment campaigns provide a recurring stream of revenue that will significantly boost your company’s bottom line, especially during the off-season. Customers who are signed up for a subscription service require fewer internal resources to maintain, allowing you to focus your remaining efforts on one-time sales and services. Allow Consumer Focus to craft a custom enrollment campaign that will help your company boost its monthly income.