Contrary to popular belief, print marketing isn’t dead! In fact, with new innovations and digital advancements, print marketing methods such as custom flyers, postcards, and newspaper ads are more effective than ever when it comes to closing sales. Keep reading to learn more about how print marketing campaigns can be complimented by digital advertising.

How Can Print & Digital Marketing be Effective Together?

You might be thinking that in order to run a successful advertising campaign, you must make a choice between producing compelling print marketing or going the digital marketing route. This is simply not true, and in fact, these two types of marketing can work almost seamlessly as a unit.

It all comes down to two key elements: consistent branding and a clear target market. When your branding matches across both print and digital channels, potential customers are much more likely to remember your advertising. And a target market that overlaps between your print and digital endeavors helps ensure that you’ll reach the right audience.

What’s the Print & Digital Marketing Process Like?

The whole idea behind combining your print and digital marketing efforts is that when your target market receives or is about to receive a print mailing at home, they’ll see the same message on their social media feed, even before they visit your website.

We’ve all heard the Rule of Seven: a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they’ll take action. Our expert cross-platform strategy can be customized to your business and gives your leads many opportunities to see your campaign and decide to buy from you.

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How to Take Advantage of Print & Digital Marketing

To request a quote or inquire about starting a print or digital marketing campaign (or both!), contact Consumer Focus Marketing online or give us a call. We employ experts with years of digital and print marketing experience who look forward to assisting your business secure more sales.