Don’t dig a grave for print marketing campaigns just yet! Marketing professionals across the country agree that print still has a place at the table. In fact, print might be making a comeback! Read on to find out why you shouldn’t completely ditch print marketing efforts, and how print marketing can be used to strategically enhance your company’s digital marketing campaigns.

Get the Facts about Print Marketing in 2019

FACT: Consumers trust print advertising from local businesses.
Findings from report that consumers still view print marketing as a trustworthy resource. Print marketing pieces from local businesses can reinforce customer loyalty and drive interest in seasonal offers.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Use print marketing to advertise customer loyalty campaigns, like automatic delivery or budget plan enrollment.

FACT: Print marketing stands out in a digitally dominated world.
Today’s consumers are constantly exposed to digital advertising. It seems like print is on the upswing simply because it has become rarer.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Take advantage of the tactile nature of print marketing! Work with a design team to create postcards, bill inserts, or other print promotions that will grab attention with succinct information.

FACT: Print appeals to all generations, even Gen Z.
Print has always been considered the preferred marketing channel to reach older generations of consumers. But print has actually proven to be an effective tool to reach younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z, too. , Gen Zers value print media and are surprisingly reliant on it for content consumption.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Gen Zers may not be the direct target for oil, propane, and energy marketers today, but they will be eventually. Develop a marketing strategy that uses print marketing materials to complement digital campaigns, like email marketing, PPC, and social media advertising, to reach multiple generations effectively.

Let’s Get Started

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