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The mission of shooting the perfect photo can be intimidating, thrilling, and rewarding all at once. Whether a hobby or profession, you want to take pride in your work! And while creativity almost certainly cannot be taught, skill can.

If you’re looking for a few simple yet essential tips to refine your photography skills, read on!

1. Shoot from multiple angles

It’s amazing how much difference a camera angle can make. You can shoot one subject from several angles and get so many diverse images. You won’t know what you can get until you try! So move your feet and try multiple options. Crouch down and get on the same angle as what you are shooting. Shoot it from the side. From behind. Each one will be unique. Some may not work, but will take you to the next one that may be exactly what you wanted. Or maybe you will capture something you didn’t even think of, but it’s so much better than what you planned. So keep moving and capturing.

2. Choose a focal point and focus on that

A focal point is so important! Make sure your image has one and stick with it throughout the session you are shooting. It will make the person viewing your image know what you were trying to share with them. It will draw the viewer where you want.

3. Be aware of your background

Sometimes we get so focused on the subject that we are photographing that we don’t notice what is behind it, only to look at a beautiful image later and notice something growing out of the subject’s head! So take a moment and a breath and check the background before you snap that pic. Check for distractions, check for lighting, and check for the dreaded thing growing from their head. Sometimes all you need to do is shift the subject slightly or yourself to get a better, less distracting background.

Using these tips, not only will you have a clear set of guidelines to follow at the time of each photo shoot; those who view your images will better understand the subject matter and your perspective as an artist.


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