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Coronavirus has impacted our community and world to a degree that most people did not expect. As businesses of all shapes and sizes attempt to navigate COVID-19, they search for ways to make the most out of the stressful and unwelcome situation. Your customers are looking to you for reassurance and guidance: and that’s what we’re here for. Consumer Focus™ Marketing has gathered some methods you can use to strengthen your connection with your customers in the long run.

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Communicate with Customers to Maintain Retention

The energy industry is fortunate to be considered an essential business by authorities, allowing companies to stay open despite statewide shutdowns. Be sure to reach out to your customers and assure them that you’re there for their every need. If you have to limit your services to protect your staff, let customers know. They’ll understand and they’ll appreciate that you made an effort to let them know.

Utilize Email to Reach People Quickly

Email marketing is the fastest way to reach customers in today’s day and age. According to Forbes, the average American checks their email 15 times per day: approximately every 37 minutes. Besides, people are checking their emails now more than ever as many businesses send out updates regularly. An informative and confident email message can make all the difference when time is of the essence with a stressor like COVID-19 on everyone’s mind.

Post a Message on Your Website for All to See

It’s a good idea to post a message on the home page of your website—wondering why? New customers may not be subscribed to your email list, meaning they won’t see the informational messaging you sent to your customers about service limitations and company precautions. A banner on your home page will tell them where to go to get more information, whether that’s your contact page, an informational blog, or a medical resource like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Get Ahead of Customers with COVID-19 Social Media Messaging

Your customers are going to be expecting Coronavirus updates on your Facebook page. Many businesses they buy from are modifying hours or closing completely, and posting on Facebook is a quick and easy way to keep people in the loop. They will appreciate your transparency, rather than being frustrated that they can’t find the answers they’re looking for. An additional benefit is that these messages can reduce phone calls to your staff, who may be overwhelmed with customer questions.

Take Advantage of Your Mailing List

Not everyone will have email and social media. You have most customers’ addresses for service and fuel delivery, so take advantage of that information and send them informative COVID-19 letters to keep them in the loop. Point them toward places you’ll be making updates frequently, such as your website and social media pages. A paper letter also gives them a concrete message they can keep around to reference at any time.

Keep Materials Positive yet Informative

Your customers are feeling the stress: everybody is. Nobody wants additional anxiety, so be mindful of how you word things. Instead of referencing the global pandemic, refer to COVID-19 in a more positive light. For example: “This is a challenging time, but we’re here for you and we’ll work through it together.” Keeping your marketing materials positive yet informative will give your customers the confidence and reassurance they’re longing for.

Maintain a Sense of Normalcy with Other Marketing

Remember that you can still market your services during this time. As important as it is to keep customers informed, they’ll also want to hear about things other than COVID-19. Regular marketing materials will show your customers that you’re still working to help them with their fuel delivery, HVAC needs, and other home comfort amenities as you are able to provide them.

Want Professional Communication Assistance?

Consumer Focus Marketing can help. We’ve already helped businesses develop personalized COVID-19 communications through email, web design, social media, print marketing, and more. Here are some other ways we can assist you to instill customer confidence in your company and employees:

  • General communications to your customers
  • Assuring them of continued fuel delivery
  • Communicating good news: fuel prices are dropping
  • Helping develop the right Policies and Procedures for your employees and their job functions based on your specific circumstances

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