When it comes to fostering a balanced, healthy work environment for employees, its best to consider options that help you shut the revolving door on your company. With the incoming generation of employees looking to secure well-paying positions with great benefits and a potential for upward mobility, the fuel and HVAC industries have a unique opportunity to maximize on their recruitment efforts without overspending! Keep reading to learn the top tips that Consumer Focus Marketing™ suggests to encourage employee retention.

Employee Retention

In your efforts to solve your workforce development problem, be sure not to lose sight of an important element of your company…YOUR EXISTING EMPLOYEES! The Employee Benefits Network reports that it can cost as much as 33 percent of an employee’s annual salary to replace them. How you treat your current employees could impact your hiring practices. There are websites, such as Glassdoor, that provide a platform for employees to voice their opinion (good…or bad) about their current employer. You can be sure that potential candidates are going to use these sites when they apply for a job. The following are some ideas you might want to consider to improve employee retention:

Don’t treat your employees as a collective.

Your employees are unique individuals, so treat them as such. What is good for one employee might not work for another. Consider that when you are creating incentive programs.

Let your employees be heard.

Give your employees a platform to air their grievances, share their input, and provide feedback. Incorporating some of their ideas into daily operations makes them feel a part of the process. Employee focus groups are a great way to collect this information.

Create a long-term plan.

Be sure to understand what your employees’ long-term goals are and where they see themselves in the company. Then create a plan to help them achieve this. Be sure to meet with them on a regular basis (such as in quarterly reviews) and provide the necessary feedback to help them achieve those goals.

Consumer Focus Marketing™ has helped businesses across the country implement these practices, which led to better employee retention and saving tens of thousands of dollars in potential employment recruitment costs.

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A Recession/Pandemic-Proof Industry: Fuel and Home Heating Businesses

Parallel to more companies implementing these employee retention tactics, many trade schools are reporting an uptick in enrollment. Since the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic exposed colleges’ exorbitant pricing, it also helped individuals to realize that a trade (and Bioheat® fuel/home heating oil industry) is a viable place to pursue a fulfilling career. Those who worked in the Bioheat® fuel/home heating oil industry were labeled as “essential,” a term that they continue to live up to today. The fuel industry became not only a recession-proof industry but also a pandemic-proof one.

Easy Tips to Find Your Next Hire

Consumer Focus™ specializes in job application management as well as workforce development training for the energy industry. To find your next hire, try these steps:

  • Advertise Jobs Online
  • Add Employment Opportunities to Your Website
  • Promote Your Company Culture
  • Use Workforce Development Resources

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Workforce Development Programs

Our team has years of experience working closely with oil, propane, HVAC, and energy companies, giving us the know-how to help clients with all aspects of their business. So, when hiring and maintaining a consistent workforce became a greater struggle for the energy industry, Consumer Focus™ Marketing created the GeneratioNext Workforce Development program to help oil, Bioheat® fuel, and propane companies connect with quality job candidates, build lasting relationships with local trade schools,  and promote the benefits of their industry to prospective employees at a local level.

Help Employees Succeed in the Energy Industry. Get Involved with CF’s Training Groups

Consumer Focus Marketing™ has developed unique programs, products, and services geared towards helping propane and energy companies hire new, ready-to-work talent and improve service department profitability, efficiencies, and produce better year-round technician utilization. Our goal is to help businesses secure employment and foster retention by equipping their workforce with relevant training and support. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help your company retain talent and prepare them for success in their new careers.