What You Need to Know about Marketing Trends in 2020

It’s that time of year! What are your company’s goals for 2020?
We’ve gathered a list of actionable marketing trends that your team should utilize to build a marketing plan that gets results.


5 Ways to Boost Your Marketing in 2020

Number 1

Enhance Customer Experiences

Customers are looking for positive experiences, and if they don’t get one, they will move on. Whether it’s telephone orders or online bill pay, make sure your services are streamlined to accommodate your customers’ needs.

number 2

Encourage Employee Involvement

Create incentives for your employees to engage with your brand. Set up in-office contests or social media incentives to get your staff involved.

number 3

Prep for Voice Search

Voice search is predicted to become one of the leading channels customers use to browse the Internet. Make sure your website content is optimized for voice search.

number 4

Maintain Customer Loyalty

Customer retention remains one of the most important benchmarks for success. Make sure your marketing plan includes targeted messages to your existing customer base.

number 5

Use Engagement Campaigns

Attract new targets and keep existing customers interested with creative engagement campaigns that provide incentives for users to interact with your brand.

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