Market Smarter with SmartMail

80% of sales are made between the 8th and 12th contact. SmartMail helps you to reach targets at yet another activation point within a short time frame. SmartMail gives your mailing list more power and helps companies bridge the gap between print and social media advertising.

  • Maximize your mailing list
  • Promote your brand through multiple marketing channels
  • Generate thousands of social media impressions
  • Drive more traffic to your website

Consumer Focus™ Marketing is pleased to offer SmartMail campaigns. We maintain the entire process so you can focus on running your business.



Print Marketing

Your print campaign is sent out to your mailing list.


Social Advertising

Your social ad is promoted to social profiles matching targets on your mailing list.

Social Post

Informed Delivery®

Track customers that use Informed Delivery® to check their mail digitally, increase traffic right away.

Informed Delivery Screenshot

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