Are You Using Emails to Market to Your Customers Effectively?


Do you collect email addresses from customers with the purpose of marketing to those customers later, using email marketing?(Required)
How often do you send out email communications to your customers?(Required)
For email marketing, do you use an email platform such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or another platform?(Required)
Are your emails visually appealing, with eye-catching images?(Required)
Do you have the ability to segment your email lists?(Required)
Segmenting your email list is a great way to personalize marketing messages according to subscribers’ individual interests, making them that much more effective.
Are you able to view these metrics for your email marketing efforts?(Required)
The two most important metrics for email marketing are the open rate and the click-through rate.
When a user fills out a form on your website, will they automatically receive an email from your company?(Required)
Inbound email marketing is a type of email marketing, in which emails are automated to be sent out to users who submit their information on your website.
When you send an email to customers, does the From line feature your company’s name or an individual’s name?(Required)
The most important thing to remember about your “from” email address is to make it recognizable. If subscribers see an unfamiliar name on the “from” line, they might just mark the email as spam.
Is your company following CAN-SPAM laws with your email marketing efforts?(Required)
CAN-SPAM laws require anyone sending commercial emails to include an unsubscribe link within each one, include the company’s physical address or PO box, and honor any subscriber’s request to unsubscribe by never emailing them again. Noncompliance with this law can be as high as $300 per email recipient.
Do you outsource your email marketing?(Required)
If you have the time and resources to devote to designing, writing, testing, and tweaking your own marketing emails in-house, then by all means, do so. But if you’d rather hand those tasks off to an experienced expert, then outsourcing is the way to go.