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Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home, office, or inbox. In fact, now is the time for business owners to switch gears and adjust their marketing for the warmer months ahead. Now is a crucial time to revive your website. Your website is your company’s online storefront. It is imperative to keep it up to date with your most current services. Updating your website every few months with relevant content can help increase page visits, enhance your SEO, and attract the attention of both new and existing customers. Keep reading to learn easy ways you can update your business website this spring.

How Energy Marketers Are Switching Gears This Spring

For companies in the energy industry, it may be time to shift your winter heating messaging towards highlighting products such as A/C equipment, service, air purification systems, plumbing, electrical, and more! Companies that solely offer heating fuel deliveries can use the springtime messaging to their advantage as well. By stressing the importance of a spring refill and maintaining their heating equipment for the seasons to come with an annual tune-up service, all energy companies can find a specific product or service to champion as warmer weather approaches.

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4 Easy Website Refresh Tips

When looking for key elements to update on your website, ask yourself if your homepage reflects the current season. Adjust your images, main headlines, banners, & call-out boxes as needed. Be sure to put yourself in your customers’ shoes: What would they be looking for this time of year on your website? How can you help set up your website to help guide them to the information and services they’re looking for this spring? With that in mind, let’s get into our top website refresh tips!

Tip 1: Update images

Your home page makes a first impression every time a customer visits it. Once temperatures start to rise, images of cozy homes and fuel delivery trucks won’t resonate with your audience as much as they did a few months ago. Swapping these out for images that reflect the season is a simple way to give your site a new look.

Tip 2: Showcase seasonal products

Switch up the products and services highlighted on the home page to reflect current company programs, like budget plans and your customers’ warm weather needs. Not only will this make your spring and summer services easier to find, but it will also help improve your SEO rank and drive more traffic to your page.

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Tip 3: Share the latest news

Many customers choose to use local energy companies to benefit from the personal touch of a small business. Spread the word about what makes you unique! Add an e-newsletter or blog to your website to provide company news and helpful seasonal information. If you already have a blog, you can increase visibility by adding a feed to the home page or sharing links on social media.

Tip 4: Put promos front and center

Are you offering spring specials like early bird A/C tune-ups or fuel discounts? Promote these offers on your home page and other relevant pages to keep customers in the know. This way, they are aware of limited-time deals and opportunities for year-round savings.

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