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At Consumer Focus Marketing™, we understand that creating a new website from scratch can seem like a daunting process for a business owner in the energy industry. In fact, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, our website services make completing your website easy. Our professionals are experts at programming, designing, writing, and updating your new website for just a fraction of your time, and you’ll only need to do a few things to help move the process along. Keep reading to learn more about our web design process and exactly what you need to get started today.

Just 1 Hour of Your Time = New Website

Did you know that all it takes for us to create a completed website for your company is just an hour of your time? That’s right. In a single meeting with one of our Consumer Focus website experts, we’ll be able to gather everything we need to know to launch your new website. From start to finish, we’ll consider your specific product and service offerings, your design preferences, features you want your customers to have access to, and your company’s unique mission to craft a website that represents who you are and your company’s role in your community. Check out the list below of a few materials and information you may want to collect before scheduling your hour-long website meeting, or click here to schedule a 15-minute website assessment call with one of our experts today.

Website Checklist for Business Owners in the Energy Industry

Want to make sure you’ve collected everything you need to create the best possible website for your business? We’ve got you covered. We’ve curated a few simple steps you can take right now that will help you go the extra mile in creating a new website that will stand out to your potential customers. We recommend looking at other websites for inspiration, finding your best logo (or logos if you use more than one), taking pictures of your business, equipment, and employees, as well as reaching out to your employees for valuable customer insights that can make your site even more user-friendly.

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Take Photos of Your Business (Get Employees Involved!)

First things first, take photos of your business and your everyday business activities to include on your new website. Do you have images of your delivery or service trucks or photos of equipment installations you’ve completed? How about a couple of images of your staff and your office building? By collecting photos of your business, we can include these images on your website to help your customers and potential customers recognize your company in the community. Be sure to send these over to our team at Consumer Focus as we begin designing your new website.

Gather Logos and Marketing Materials

Next, be sure to gather your best logo (or logos if you use more than one) to provide to our web design and programming team at Consumer Focus. We’ll be sure to design a website that incorporates and complements the existing design of your company’s logo. You can also provide any existing marketing materials you use such as service plan brochures if you wish for this content to be included on your new website.

Look at Other Websites for Inspiration

Be sure to do your homework. By looking at other websites for inspiration (especially of other businesses in the energy industry), you will be able to determine the exact features you would like your website to include. Do you like the look of a revolving banner on your homepage? Are you interested in implementing a customer portal or online bill pay feature on your website? What services would you like to highlight front and center? Do they change seasonally? These are all examples of questions you might consider when looking for inspiration for your own website. If you’re unsure of where to begin, check out some of the websites we’ve created for clients in the past to get ideas!

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Ask Employees for Input and Customer Insights

Your employees can be a valuable untapped resource when it comes to gathering important customer insights to incorporate into your new website design. It is a great idea to hold a meeting with your staff to ask for suggestions they may have for your new website and website features. Your team’s interactions with your customers on a day-to-day basis are extremely important to not only your business, but your website as well. At Consumer Focus, we aim to take into account what your customer base would like to see on your website and what features would make your website easier to navigate for them. By opening up this line of communication with your staff, you will certainly have some key features to implement on your new site.

What Your Website Needs to Be Successful

At Consumer Focus Marketing™, we understand energy websites as well as what your customers are searching for when looking for a provider in their area. To help boost your website’s search engine rankings and stand out to your potential customers, you’ll need:

  • Continually updated content such as blogs, headlines, and banners
  • Highlighted monthly promotions and discounts
  • Seasonally updated images on your homepage
  • Showcase of products your customers are searching for now

Our team of website marketing experts have what it takes to create and manage a website that helps your company be successful and gain new customers. Click here to learn more about our website design and on-page SEO services now!

Get a Professional Website from the Energy Industry Experts at Consumer Focus Today

Consumer Focus Marketing™ has created hundreds of websites for companies in the energy just like yours. Our in-depth industry experience sets us apart in creating professional, eye-catching website designs to help your business rank high in searches for services in your area, gain new customers, and help market the services you would like to highlight each season. Click here to learn more about our website services or click here to get in contact with our online marketing professionals today.

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