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If you’re up to date on the marketing and advertising world, you’ve likely heard discussion of pay-per-click marketing, also known as PPC. This technology combines tried-and-true digital advertising with today’s latest and greatest advertisement target selection criteria to show your ads to the homeowners and business owners who are most likely to engage with your advertising and become loyal customers. Best of all, pay-per-click advertising can help you expand your business by helping new and returning targets and prospective customers to learn more about your business and be made aware of the products and services that make you stand out from the competition.

Want to keep learning about how you can use pay-per-click marketing to grow your customer base and your company’s bottom line? Keep reading this blog post to discover the major ways PPC advertising can help your company maximize its potential.

Top Ways for Energy Businesses to Utilize PPC Ads

Expand Your Service Area Footprint

First of all, pay-per-click advertising can be used to help your oil, propane, or energy company expand its marketing footprint—that is, the area from which homeowners and business owners can find your company. If your brand awareness campaigns currently only focus on the primary towns you service, you’re missing out on a huge demographic of potential future customers.

Many service-area businesses struggle with appearing high up in search results organically in the towns on the outskirts of their service areas. PPC ads can fill in the gaps along with advertising to pinpoint-specific geographical areas such as towns you drive through on your daily route. Adding these stops along your delivery wouldn’t cost you anything additional, but add another stream of revenue to your income.

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Jump to the Top of Search Results in New Places

Business owners and decision makers savvy with search engine optimization, or SEO, know that the higher your company ranks in Google’s search results, the more customers and business you’re going to get. But have you heard that PPC advertising allows you to skip the line? Pay-per-click ads can skip the traditional SEO queue and get your company name in front of thousands of new faces—all within the specific service area you’d like to target and expand within.

Multiple Types of PPC Ad Campaigns Available

There are many different types of ad campaigns you can run using pay-per-click. Here are a few of the most popular:

PPC Search/Text Ads

This is the most common type of pay-per-click advertisement. PPC search or PPC text ads are the ads you see on the search engine results pages. You will see an “ad” in the top left corner of the ad, and they will only feature text.

PPC Remarketing/Display Ads

This type of PPC ad is an image ad, which will be featured around the web, either remarketing to previous website visitors or targeting specific topics or groups of interest. These ads are shown to your audience throughout Google’s partner website network.

YouTube Ads

If you have videos on your YouTube channel, you can use these in your PPC ads. These PPC ads are featured on YouTube itself and can appear on other videos.

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Consumer Focus Marketing Would Love to Be Your PPC Partner

Are you interested in learning more about PPC advertising, or discovering how you can use it to complement your existing marketing plan? Consumer Focus Marketing employs energy-industry advertising experts who specialize in pay-per-click advertising. With years of building integrated digital marketing plans for energy clients, we know the messaging and keywords that work for digital campaigns. Our team looks forward to helping you maximize your new or existing PPC advertising strategy. 


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