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Businesses and customers alike are facing financial stress during the COVID-19 situation. Everyone is facing similar problems, including layoffs, uncertainty, and general stress. What your customers are looking for at this time is support and communication from you. They’ve waited out the quarantine, they’ve spent more time on digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and they’ve held off on scheduling certain home comfort services they normally would have had completed by now.

Homeowners and residents in your area are getting antsy. As companies begin to open up again, customers will want to schedule the home comfort services they’ve been desiring—it’s your job to make sure your brand is in front of them at this time. Consumer Focus Marketing can help. We’re offering a free digital marketing report to energy companies across the country who would like to see how their marketing scores rank. You’ll find out where you’re doing well and where you can improve to capitalize on more business.

Recent Marketing Trends to Be Aware Of:

Customers are looking for communication from you

They want to hear from you about the current situation, how your services are affected, and what they can expect moving forward.

People are spending between 3 and 7 hours on social media each day

Social media is a great place to spend your marketing dollars while everyone is stuck at home—how are your Facebook and Instagram pages doing when it comes to bringing in leads and conversions?

68% of people appreciate it when ads acknowledge COVID-19[1]

It can be seen as insensitive to market your services without addressing the elephant in the room. Acknowledge the current situation and explain what you’re doing to keep your customers and employees safe.

View your report to decide where to spend your marketing dollars

Digital is great, but print marketing is important too. Use your no-obligation marketing report from our team at Consumer Focus Marketing to decide how to best allocate your marketing budget.

Prepare Your Energy Business for Post-COVID Marketing

Small, medium, and large businesses alike are all facing similar challenges due to the COVID-19 situation, and they’re all looking for ways to improve their marketing campaigns and claim the business of customers who are looking for service. Jump-start your post-COVID marketing plan today by requesting a free, no-obligation digital marketing report from your experts at Consumer Focus Marketing.

[1] https://www.clickz.com/key-insights-people-prefer-covid-19-sensitive-ads-pandemics-effect-on-marketing-and-the-tech-thriving-right-now/261274/

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