As a propane marketer, we’re sure you already know that providing your customers with up-to-date propane safety information is a critical responsibility. But did you know that the kind of info you can send to your customers goes far beyond your annual propane safety mailing? At Consumer Focus Marketing, we’re proud to be the propane industry’s top choice for a wide variety of expert marketing services, including recurring customer mailings. Keep reading this blog post to learn why these customer mailings are important for your propane company and your customers!

What Are Recurring Customer Mailings?

Recurring customer mailings are a form of propane marketing that will help drive your business all year long. How? Simply put, keeping your brand in front of your customers with targeted seasonal mailings about subjects that are important to them means that your business is on their minds. In turn, this makes them more likely to pick up the phone and call you, rather than a competitor, for a delivery or tune-up.

Your recurring customer mailings can cover one subject or many and will be customized to fit your propane company’s brand. Some of our customer mailing offerings include:

  • Customer Solicitation
  • Summer Fill Notification
  • General Tune-Up Reminders
  • Appliance Safety Information
  • Weather Safety Reminders
  • Appliance Installation Marketing
  • And More!

Benefits of Sending Customer Mailings with Consumer Focus

Now that you know what recurring customer mailings are, you might be wondering why you should trust Consumer Focus with this important facet of your business. The reasons are simple:

  • Our professional letters look great and are easy for customers to understand
  • Applicable mailings can contain PERC brochures citing top industry safety info
  • We streamline the process to make initial and recurrent mailings fast & simple
  • We can mail your existing letters for you
  • You enjoy volume discounts due to our printing/mailing volume

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Send Professional Customer Letters with the Propane Marketing Experts

Consumer Focus designs a wide variety of professional customer letters that help keep your customers informed. Choosing our team of propane marketing experts for your next customer mailing translates to an efficient, affordable investment. Don’t forget that we also offer many other marketing services designed for the propane industry, from email marketing to website design and so much more. Get in touch with us today for a FREE no-obligation quote on your recurring customer mailing!

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