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Streamline your company’s credit card payment process and save substantially with proven solutions used by energy companies across the country.

How? Choose a leading payment solutions provider that has the expertise to ensure your processing is both seamless and secure.

AVATAS provides invaluable assistance to hundreds of energy companies and industry associations nationwide. Having deep knowledge of the fuel industry, they understand company operations and challenges, and can provide tailored solutions to help effectively and efficiently streamline your company’s payment processes. They’re also industry advocates—they led the effort for utility pricing for delivered fuel merchants, saving hundreds of millions of dollars for the industry.

The combination of experience and advocacy is just one of the reasons the energy industry relies on AVATAS for unparalleled payment processing services.

Here are a few of the services they can provide to help your company:

PCI-Compliant Tools: Achieve PCI compliance through a variety of tools.

  • Hosted Purchase Page: Merchants do not receive sensitive card data
  • Interactive Voice Responder (IVR): Customers enter sensitive card info into an automated system, not through human clerks

Accelerate Payment Cycles: Services such as Mobile Payments allow your company to offer new, desirable avenues for receiving payments from customers.

  • Payment Convenience: Smart phone or tablet device-based payments
  • Text-to-Pay: A very popular option for new home buyers and young professionals

Expired Card Updater: Ideal for “recurring bill” or “budget plan” accounts, this tool automatically updates expired card data, eliminating the need to chase down and potentially lose customers due to expired cards.

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