Energy companies just like yours use social media platforms daily to connect with their audiences, raise awareness about their service offerings, and gain loyal customers. An engaged following on one or more social media platforms allows you to effectively get the word out about new products, special discounts, and more—but the number of followers you have doesn’t necessarily translate to social media success. Some large accounts have thousands of followers who never actually read their posts or click on links; that’s the difference between a following and an engaged, passionate audience. Keep reading this blog post to learn the top 3 ways to grow your social media audience this year from Consumer Focus Marketing, the energy industry’s trusted choice for marketing services.

Top 3 Ways to Grow an Engaged Social Media Audience This Year

Custom Video Marketing

Video marketing is no longer an emerging part of your content strategy. It’s here to stay and a powerful tool to help you communicate your brand’s story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your online community. And the most effective video promotion strategy is utilizing social media, with 63% of marketers saying they’re promoting videos on social media1. Additionally, 68% of marketers say content that showcases their company’s products or services generates the biggest return on investment (ROI)2. In other words, a short video produced by Consumer Focus Marketing that explains what you can do for your customers could have a big impact on your social media audience.


Running a giveaway on your social media can be an effective and fun tool that allows you to engage with your customers while generating a high ROI. A giveaway managed by Consumer Focus is a feel-good way to show your customers you’re thinking about them, and to enter, those customers will have to take at least one action—such as liking or sharing your post—that will increase your engagement and your reach to a broader audience. Plus, you can team up with a nearby business, like a shop or restaurant, for the giveaway prize, and that helps boost your local economy.

Paid Ads

While the idea of paying for ads on your social media platform of choice might seem daunting at first, the team here at Consumer Focus Marketing can help! Paid ads on Facebook are an excellent way to broaden the reach of your content with a solid ROI thanks to their fully customizable, highly targeted audience. We can help you take the guesswork out of setting up your social media ad campaign and aid you in engaging your followers.

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Ready to Expand Your Social Media Audience? Consumer Focus Marketing Can Help!

Managing your social media presence effectively takes a lot of time out of your day—let the energy marketing experts at Consumer Focus do the heavy lifting! We have a wealth of experience with creating custom video marketing content, giveaways, and paid ad campaigns that will make your business stand out from the rest. Reach out to us today for a free social media consultation, and see how we can help expand your social media audience!

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