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If you operate a fuel company and have ever thought, “My customers are old-fashioned. They won’t care about how updated our website is,” think again! Consumer Focus Marketing has uncovered some shocking statistics regarding website user experience. Your website’s design and functionality should be a huge priority for your company, as your online impression can truly make or break your customer acquisition and bottom line. Keep reading this blog post to learn 5 reasons that fuel delivery suppliers should have updated and functional websites.

Top 5 Reasons You Need to Keep an Updated & Functional Website:

42% of People Leave a Website Because of Poor Functionality

These data, found by Top Design Firms, showcase the need for accessible web designs. If your website is slow or doesn’t operate well, nearly half of your online visitors will leave and search elsewhere for their fuel and HVAC service.

38% of People Look at a Website’s Navigational Links

Is your website layout and navigation bar intuitive enough for the average website guest? If not, you may be alienating 38% of your potential customer base, according to another study by Top Design Firms. A web design revamp from the energy marketing experts at Consumer Focus can help drop this estrangement rate to 0%, skyrocketing your website’s traffic and engagement.

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73.1% of People Believe that Non-Responsive Design Drives Users Away

A Goodfirms survey found that lack of responsiveness across multiple devices (smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, etc.) is an issue that 73.1% of survey takers struggled with. This was determined to be a top reason that users left a website.

Mobile Users Account for 54.8 Percent of Web Traffic Worldwide

Data mogul Statista has recently published the fact that more than half of web traffic in 2021 was generated by mobile users. Is your website optimized for iPhone operation? What about Android? Google? If you think not or aren’t certain, there’s lots of room for improvement. Reputable web design firms like Consumer Focus Marketing program, design, and test websites on all platforms, optimizing the accessibility of your online presence.

23% of Small Retail Businesses Don’t Have a Website

It’s shocking that despite the world’s recent shift to virtual business, nearly one-quarter of small businesses don’t have a website at all, according to Digital.com. This reveals a major opportunity for your small business: creating a website will automatically kick-start your online business venture to the top 77%. Take advantage of this opportunity now, while the number of companies without websites is still high. Once they realize what they’re missing, they’ll be jumping on the website train to compete with other fuel and HVAC companies in their service area.

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Consumer Focus Marketing Can Create, Redesign, or Update Your Website

Interested in upgrading the user experience of your current and future customers? Consumer Focus Marketing would love to be the route you take to get there. We employ experts in the energy marketing industry who would consider it a privilege to get your website to a point where your customers can’t wait to jump online to utilize your visually stunning and time-saving functionalities. Contact us to briefly chat about your website and decide if you’d like to partner with us.