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What Your Business Can Do In-House to Drive Organic Website Growth



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Consumer Focus™ Marketing, in partnership with Women in Energy, presents this webinar to give you the information you need to put basic SEO strategies into place, on your own, to grow your small business’ website organic success. After a brief intro from Judy Garber, Executive Director of Women in Energy, we discuss how you can add more content to your website, create a blog, incorporate voice search and much more.

  • SEO best practices that you can check
  • The types of content that should be added to your website
  • Creating click-worthy meta-titles and meta-descriptions
  • The importance of blogging
  • The emergence of voice search

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important for the Success of Your Website?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is very important to the success of your website and how your business will appear in search engine results.  Oftentimes intimidating to tackle yourself, there are simple ways that small business owners or employees can incorporate SEO best practices on your website.

Get started with this free SEO webinar! Yes, it’s free. We’re here to help provide simple solutions for energy marketers.

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