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Email Marketing 101: Craft the Perfect Subject Line

You know what they say: “Never judge a book by its cover!” Well, when it comes to email marketing you can count on your audience to judge your email by its subject line. Break the barrier of screen skimming and stand out with an engaging subject line that compels your customers to read more.

Due to the short attention span of consumers on the web, your subject line is the make-or-break first impression of your campaign. (Yes, even if they are loyal customers!) A lackluster subject line can get lost in the shuffle of a crowded inbox, leaving your email unopened and your content unseen.

Here are some tried and trusted techniques to help your next email stand out among the fray:

Call to Action

The grandfather of advertising strategy, Call to Action has stood the test of time because it works. Encourage your reader to take action with concise direction in order to achieve the benefits described within your email.

Speak in Numbers

Everyone loves a good deal. If your campaign is promoting a company special or product sale, let the numbers do the talking. Incorporate language that emphasizes the savings offered. Including price information, like discount percentages or coupon values, can be effective also, but do so sparingly to avoid being marked as spam.

Ask a Question

Subject lines that pose a question offer a more approachable tone compared to their assertive Call to Action counterpart. Ask after your reader’s need or desire to guide them toward the solution, which just happens to be conveniently located right in your email!

Keep It Short

Convey your message concisely to make the best use of valuable screen space. While there is no magic number, most email clients typically display up to 50 characters. That shrinks down to around 35 on mobile browsing. Try to keep your word count to 10 or so, with action words and drawing information toward the beginning to escape any cut off.

Always Spell Check!

Of course this holds true for all content, but it weighs just a little heavier on the first impression burden that your subject line must bear. Don’t enter your subject line as an afterthought; type and edit this beforehand to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors.

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