Retention of both customers and employees can be a challenge, especially in the fuel delivery and energy sector. After all, though fuel delivery is a necessity, there are countless other companies you have to compete with, and both customers and employees are liable to leave if they feel there is a better offer elsewhere. In this blog, we’ll dive into how our #1 retention strategy, customer service representative (CSR) training, can help you keep hold of your best employees and your top customers.

What Is CSR Training?

Let’s touch on a short piece of background before we discuss specifics. When we talk about CSR training, we’re not just talking about how to enter a payment into the computer or look up the last time a customer got a delivery. Instead, here are some of the types of things we like to focus on in our trainings:

  • Teaching consistency to improve both accuracy and continuity when answering FAQs
  • Educating employees to upsell additional sales opportunities and reduce jobsite visit costs
  • Appropriate wording that will not alienate or offend customers of various backgrounds
  • Empowering your CSRs to have difficult conversations with tricky customers
  • Addressing custom employee concerns uncovered during a focus group with your staff

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Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how our CSR training helps you maintain professional relationships throughout the years with both your customers and your faculty.

Customer Retention Benefits

Customers remember the service they receive, and bad service will make them leave your company before you know it. “Bad service” can mean anything from unsavory employee interactions to a CSR who’s not confident answering questions the customer wants to know. Training your employees to consistently, accurately, and confidently handle customer interactions is the first step to maintaining customers for life.

Employee Retention Benefits

A survey found that 94% would stay at their current employer if they invested in their long-term learning.[1] This is because employees who feel supported, educated, and prepared face reduced stress and embarrassment when they are faced with a difficult customer service situation. In addition, we meet with your employees to uncover specific pain points customized to your business so we can address any issues before they become exacerbated to the point an employee packs their bags and moves down the street to your competitor.

Now’s the Time: Get Started with Consumer Focus

At Consumer Focus, marketing isn’t all we do. We provide business consulting strategy, employee training, and a variety of other services you need to successfully run a business in the energy industry. Get in touch with us to schedule CSR training and improve retention to help you stay ahead of the competition this year.

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