If you own or operate a heating oil business, it’s not news to you that the energy landscape is changing. As climate policies are developed and enacted across the country, it’s more critical than ever for local fuel companies to find their footing in a renewable energy landscape. The good news is that there is an actionable solution that not only helps fuel companies like yours, but also contributes to the mission of reducing carbon emissions and combatting climate change: Bioheat® fuel.

Whether you already deliver a blend of Bioheat® fuel to your customers, are thinking about doing so, or your state is moving toward enacting a blending law, Bioheat® fuel should be front and center in your marketing strategy. Why? Because it offers an actionable and affordable solution to the many threats the fuels industry is facing.

Threats & Solutions to the Fuels Industry

Threat #1: Limited awareness
Solution: Educate consumers

Promoting Bioheat® fuel and its benefits to your customers and within your local community will help increase consumer awareness. Because quite frankly, if they don’t know anything about it, they certainly won’t consider it when weighing their energy options. Make Bioheat® fuel a prominent part of your marketing strategy, including it consistently in your marketing efforts across your website, through emails, in social media posts, in digital advertising, and so on. The more you can reach customers and targets, the more the message will stick. And if your peers in the industry do the same, the better the future of the fuel industry will be for it.

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Threat #2: Customer migration
Solution: Train & empower your employees

Once you commit to incorporating information about Bioheat® fuel into your customer and community communications, get your team ready to talk about it. Give employees in the office and the field the proper training and tools to help them talk confidently about Bioheat® fuel. Current customers will start calling in or asking about it during service visits, and new prospects will start reaching out with interest in learning more. It’s imperative that your team is not only prepped but excited to share the Bioheat® fuel message, because one-on-one interactions with the customers are invaluable to avoid customer migration to different energy options.

Threat #3: Misconceptions about environmental impact
Solution: Unite with one voice

Environmental impact and lowering carbon emissions are at the top of the list when legislators and consumers are thinking about energy options. It’s more important than ever for them to know that Bioheat® fuel is in fact one of the most actionable and affordable renewable energy sources. Marketing and training your employees to talk about Bioheat® fuel contribute to the greater good of squashing misconceptions about Bioheat® fuel and making the facts about the environmental benefits and cost savings known far and wide.

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