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  • Marketing Is More Important Now Than Ever

    Businesses and customers alike are facing financial stress during the COVID-19 situation. Everyone is facing similar problems, including layoffs, uncertainty, and general stress. What your customers are looking for at this time is support and communication from you. They’ve waited out the quarantine, they’ve spent more time on digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, […]


    How to Communicate with Customers during Times of Stress

    Coronavirus has impacted our community and world to a degree that most people did not expect. As businesses of all shapes and sizes attempt to navigate COVID-19, they search for ways to make the most out of the stressful and unwelcome situation. Your customers are looking to you for reassurance and guidance: and that’s what […]


    Make the Most of Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

    Contrary to popular belief, print marketing isn’t dead! In fact, with new innovations and digital advancements, print is more effective than ever when it comes to closing more sales. Keep reading to learn more about SmartMail: the latest revolution in combining print and digital marketing. What Is SmartMail? SmartMail is a program that allows businesses […]


    Pay-Per-Click Advertising in a Digital Marketing World

    As the world becomes more and more digital, it’s important to stay on top of the changing times. Digital marketing holds a variety of different advertising methods for a range of budgets including a flat fee, cost per thousand, cost per view, and cost per click. The last method, more commonly known as pay-per-click advertising, […]