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  • How to Grow Your Audience on Social Media This Year

    Energy companies just like yours use social media platforms daily to connect with their audiences, raise awareness about their service offerings, and gain loyal customers. An engaged following on one or more social media platforms allows you to effectively get the word out about new products, special discounts, and more—but the number of followers you […]


    Tips for CSRs to Handle Customer Complaints & Problems

    This is the time of the year when customer service representatives in the energy industry are dealing with the most customer interactions. Inevitably, your CSRs will eventually speak with a customer with a difficult-to-resolve complaint—how will your CSRs respond? At Consumer Focus Marketing, we’re proud to be the energy industry’s experts in customer service representative […]


    Misconceptions about Email Marketing: Busting Common Myths

    When you were growing up, did you believe that if you accidentally swallowed your chewing gum, it would take seven years to digest it? As it turns out, that is a common misconception, not a fact; there are many more myths in our lives, some of which revolve around marketing. Consumer Focus Marketing is the […]