Have you ever heard of pay-per-click advertising for your business? Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a digital marketing strategy that helps you get found at the top of search results, in front of organic search results. PPC ads are predominantly done on Google but can also be run on Bing. As the name suggests, with PPC ads, you pay for each click you receive. In the past, we have written a blog post about the top benefits of pay-per-click advertising for small businesses. In this blog post, we will discuss how to incorporate pay-per-click advertising into your current marketing strategy. Keep reading from the experts at Consumer Focus Marketing to learn more.

Top Things to Consider When Adding PPC to Your Marketing Plan

In the busy fall and winter seasons in the heating fuel and HVAC services industries, your business is probably putting together a marketing plan. This could include blog writing, email marketing, social media, print advertising, and many other options. But, what about PPC? Here are some reasons to consider as you allocate resources to marketing.

PPC is a Great Way to Supplement Your Marketing Strategy for the Busy Season

Quite simply, pay-per-click ads are a great way to supplement your other advertising efforts. If you are using other advertising methods to get a message out, PPC should be considered to amplify that message in search engines. Search engines are one of the main ways people find information. Your business needs to have the same integrated marketing message across all areas, including search engines as well.

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Exist Everywhere That Your Customers Are Looking

This goes along with the previous bullet, but PPC ads are a way to get your message out there to anyone who has seen your marketing before, and now they are searching for your business, topic, or industry, at a later time. One great example is a billboard. If you’ve got a big ad up on a sign on a roadway, your company and other keywords are likely to be “googled” by passersby when they get to their destination. You should use the same message on PPC ads to catch people on search engines as they are looking for your business after they see your other advertising. Whether it is an email, TV ad, radio ad, social media post, or something else, you should run the same message for people who are searching on a search engine later.

Use in Tandem with Your Other Marketing Efforts

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to pay-per-click advertising is that it shouldn’t be the only method of digital advertising that your company uses. PPC should be a part of every digital marketing strategy, however, it shouldn’t be the only one. As a result, you should not take major funds from everything else to pay for PPC. Allocate part of your funds to PPC as you build your marketing plan for the year.

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Consumer Focus Marketing: Your Trusted PPC Partner

Are you interested in learning more about PPC advertising, or finding out how you can incorporate it into your existing marketing plan? Get in touch with the experts at Consumer Focus Marketing! We are the energy industry marketing experts who specialize in pay-per-click advertising. With years of building integrated digital marketing plans for energy clients, we know the messaging and keywords that work for digital campaigns. In addition to PPC, get in touch with us about search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, website development, review management, and much more. Contact us online to learn more!

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