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1. Reach customers when they need your service

Communicate your message when the content matters the most to your audience. Setting your marketing strategy in advance will result in direct, engaging content that attracts customer attention based on what’s already on their mind, like blog posts about winter weather safety or email reminders to order fuel before a big storm.

2. Increase views with a regular sending schedule

Rule of thumb is the more times a customer receives a message the more likely it is to be seen. Create a steady schedule for your marketing to reach your customers and prospects. For example, email marketing creates consistent contact without overwhelming the recipients.

3. Integrate on- and off-line channels to present info cohesively

Today, there are seemingly countless ways to interact with consumers. The product or service you are marketing has to be seen by a customer seven times before they start to associate it with your company. Integrate elements of print, web, and social media into your next marketing campaign for optimal results.

4. Keep customers engaged all season long

An active marketing strategy in the winter will increase current interest and help develop further relationships down the road. What you plan for the winter can positively influence conversion rates for future campaigns like A/C maintenance enrollment, heating equipment upgrades, customer review requests, and more.

5. Make the most of content with social media

Holiday season draws us all a little bit closer to social media outlets. From sharing family photos to RSVP’ing to events, it’s likely your audience is staying active online during the winter months. Use the themes of the season in your messaging and link to your website often to boost awareness of your company.

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